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Hydroxy Fuel Cells

Hydroxy Fuel Cells / Systems supplied by us are complete solutions to help you get started with using Hydroxy technology on your vehicle and avail unique benefits like better fuel efficiency, lesser emissions, smoother engine performance, longer engine life, etc..

Hydroxy gas injected into the engine where it mixes with the Petrol or Diesel fuel. The mixture of fuel and Hydroxy burns more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption and the amount of emission gases released in the air. 

Benefits of "Hydroxy" Hydroxy Fuel Cells: 

1) "Hydroxy" range of Hydroxy Fuel Cells are a result of years of research by a team of qualified physicists, engineers and technicians.
2) Proven designs manufactured by expert technicians.
3) One-stop Solution
4) Extensive After-sales support
5) Price competitive

Hydroxy Fuel Cell for Motorbike

HHO Kit for Scooter

Hydroxy Fuel Cell for Motorbike is made of high quality parts - cell, electronics, fittings, and accessories.

This product is specially designed for 2 wheelers using carburetor technology and engine size up to 150cc and 350cc. Hydroxy gas is injected in the air flow before the air reaches the combustion chamber. The controller circuit takes 12VDC input (from 2wheeler's engine/ rectifier) and outputs pulsed current. Output current is auto adjusted for the best performance.  The Hydroxy Fuel Cell is connected such a way that it starts operation when engine starts and stops when engine stops. 

• Hydroxy Fuel Cell complete with Cell, PWM, and other accessories.
• May increase the mileage up to 40% ** of Scooter and Motorbike with engine size up to 150cc and 350cc.
• Cell Dimensions : ~ 7.5" long, 2.5" Dia 
• Tube  : Flexible Gas Tube
• Supplied Ready to Use, Plug and Play type. 

• Input: 12VDC
• Size: 2.5"x 6"
• Material:  316L
• Suitable for Engine size up to 150cc
• Push In type, Swivel joint Elbow
• Complete Fuel Cell - ready to plug and use.

  Engine size upto 150cc
Price: INR 2,450 (~ US$33)
Shipping: FREE
  Engine size upto 350cc
Price: INR 3,950 (~ US$33)
Shipping: FREE

Hydroxy Fuel Cell for Cars, Trucks and Bus

HHO Dry Cell Kit

Hydroxy Dry Cell Generator KT2LDC is a complete Hydroxy generator Fuel Cell made using advanced technology and best quality parts for Car, Mini Truck, Pickup Van, Tempo etc upto 2000cc engine displacement size. This product is suitable for petrol and diesel engine.

Contents: Hydroxy Generator Fuel Cell complete with -
• Dry Cell Dimensions : 5" x 6" x 4" 
• 30Amps Relay
• High pressure flexible tube
• Water Tank
• Bubbler
• O2 Sensor/ Lambada Sensor extender
• Connectors and electrical wires.
• Flexible Gas Tube
• Electrical Wires


• Input: 12VDC
• Advanced Dry Cell Technology
• Push In type, Swivel joint Elbow
• May increase the mileage upto 30%
• Reduces hazardous emissions upto 50%

  Engine size upto 2000cc 
Price: INR 14,950 (~ US$199)
Shipping: FREE
  Engine size upto 5000cc 
Price: INR29,950 (~ US$399)
Shipping: FREE


Engine Carbon Cleaner

HHO Welding Machine

'Hydroxy' range of Engine Carbon Cleaning Machines are used for removing carbon deposits from the engine.

This unit produces a stable Hydroxy gas, with many unique properties.
The machine weighs 50Kgs and is suitable for engine sizes upto 3000 cc. It consumes upto 0.5KW electrical energy which is supplied by 220VAC mains supply.

1) Less expensive than acetylene.
2) Hydroxy Gas is light and dissipates rapidly into the atmosphere.
3) Hydroxy Gas produces zero pollution when burning.
4) AquaWelder can be used for exotic cutting, brazing, and fusing applications as well as glass treatment and blowing applications. 
5) Energy directed, not dispersed – Implosion Pinpoint flame cutting is precise and quick without slag, edge rollover, hence Faster.
6) Hydroxy burns cleaner and emits steam only. Hence, Healthier Working Environment. 
7) No Cylinder, No Transportation needed. On site production of Hydroxy gas.
    Engine Carbon Cleaner for upto 500cc Engine 
Price: INR 19500(~US$ 279)
Shipping : FREE
    Engine Carbon Cleaner for upto 3000cc Engine 
Price: INR 39500 (~US$ 549)

Shipping : FREE 
    Engine Carbon Cleaner for upto 10000cc Engine  
Price: INR 119000 (~US$ 1700) 
Shipping : FREE