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Our Technology


Water Fuel Cell Technology being developed by us primarily focuses on using water as a source of Hydrogen. Electrolysis of water is most promising technique to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Better understanding of electrolysis at nano-scale and deployment of modern solid-state electronics and other advanced techniques promises to increase the efficiency of electrolysis substantially. Experiments done by Stanley Meyer and others prove that if advanced techniques are employed successfully, it is possible to produce large amount of gas from electrolysis of water at fraction of energy input compared to conventional electrolysis. It needs to be established if it is violation of laws of conventional Physics or the laws should be redefined. We expect more clarity in coming years.

There are many Researchers, Universities and Technology Companies involved in developing fuel cells which makes it possible to produce electricity from Hydrogen. Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology as it is called, uses stored hydrogen derived from natural gas to make certain applications viable. The process of producing electricity from Hydrogen is clean and green. We are working on developing fuel cell systems for the power backup applications based on Proton Exchange Membrane or PEM (also known as Solid Polymer Electrolyte or SPE) technology.

Electronics holds the key for the success of Water Fuel Cell Technology and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology. Precise monitoring of the process can only be achieved with intelligent electronics controls. We are developing advanced electronics controllers and monitors to take this technology a step forward.