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HHO Water Tank 2L

HHO Water Tank 

2.0L Water Reservoir/ Bubbler for HHO Gas Generator




• Thick-walled container, heat resistant, Heavy Duty
• Very strong, made best quality plastics.
• Size: 6.5" x 4" x 5"H
• Holds 2L water
• Comes with 3 push-in connections
• Acts as Flashback Arrestor.
• Tight fitting screw cap, air tight- No leakage of HHO gas

Price: US$19 (GBP12.5)
Shipping: $15 (GBP9.7) 

HHO Bubbler (BBLH35A)

HHO Bubbler 

This is an essential part of your HHO kit. It prevents flashback in case of an accident and removes impurities/ resudues of catalyst from HHO gas. 

It is installed near the point of injection of HHO gas.

Price: US$9.5 (GBP6.5)
Shipping: $9 (GBP6)

• Made from transparent, good quality plastics.
• Dia : 70mm, Height : 130mm.   
• Suitable for gas flow upto 2 LPM
• Holds 200ml water 
• Both gas connections are Push In type Elbow.

Elbow Fittings

Elbow for HHO Fittings 

Male Connector specially designed for HHO application.

It offers secure connection for HHO gas transportation between HHO cell and the engine.

It is easy to plug and unplug without compromising the safety. With this connector, you can be sure of No Leakage of HHO gas due to poor connection even in case of high gas pressure..


• Push In type, Swivel joint Elbow. 
• Threads (BSP) : 1/4"
• Tube OD/ ID: 10mm/8mm (Optional 8mm/6mm, 6mm/4mm) 
• Supplied in a set (MOQ) of 10pcs. 

Price: US$20 (GBP13) - 10pcs
Shipping: $19 (GBP12.5)

Lambda (O2) Sensor Extender

Lambada Sensor Extender 

HHO Dry Cell model 11P66DC is a HHO generator cell made of an high quality parts, 11 plates of size 6" x 6" of 316L and longlife, swivel joint, Push-In elbows.


• Input: 12VDC
• Series / parallel Cell.   
• Can produce upto 2.0LPM of HHO*
• No. of Plates: 11 plates 
• Size: 6"x6".
• Material:  316L
• End Plates:  High strength Plastics
• Electrical terminals with wing nuts. 
• Quality gaskets for years of leak-free operation.
• Gas connections with Push In type, Swivel joint Elbow.

Price: US$ 25 (GBP16) - 8 pcs
Shipping: $19 (GBP12.5)

Pressure Gauge, Flow Meter, Bubbler Assembly

Pressure Gauge, Flow Meter, Bubbler Assembly 

Oxygen Regulator with Pressure Gauge, Flow Meter and Bubbler Assembly made from superior grade materials.


• Pressure Gauge: Measures upto 10Kg/cm2
• Flow Meter measures upto 10 LPM.
• Bubbler - Dia: 1.5", Height: 6"
• Valve to control the flow manually.
• Flow meter is calibrated for pure Oxygen.
• Gas connections with Push In type, Swivel joint Elbow.

Price: US$89 (GBP58)
Shipping: $30 (GBP19.5)