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Water Tank 2L

HHO Water Tank 

2.0L Water Reservoir/ Bubbler 



• Thick-walled container, heat resistant, Heavy Duty
• Very strong, made best quality plastics.
• Size: 6.5" x 4" x 5"H
• Holds 2L water
• Comes with 3 push-in connections
• Acts as Flashback Arrestor.
• Tight fitting screw cap, air tight- No leakage of gas

Price: INR 2500 (~US$39)
Shipping: FREE

HHO Bubbler (BBLH35A)

HHO Bubbler 

This is an essential part of your HHO kit. It prevents flashback in case of an accident and removes impurities/ resudues of catalyst from HHO gas. 

It is installed near the point of injection of HHO gas.

Price: US$9.5 (GBP6.5)
Shipping: $9 (GBP6)

• Made from transparent, good quality plastics.
• Dia : 70mm, Height : 130mm.   
• Suitable for gas flow upto 2 LPM
• Holds 200ml water 
• Both gas connections are Push In type Elbow.

Lambda (O2) Sensor Extender

Lambada Sensor Extender 

HHO Dry Cell model 11P66DC is a HHO generator cell made of an high quality parts, 11 plates of size 6" x 6" of 316L and longlife, swivel joint, Push-In elbows.


• Input: 12VDC
• Series / parallel Cell.   
• Can produce upto 2.0LPM of HHO*
• No. of Plates: 11 plates 
• Size: 6"x6".
• Material:  316L
• End Plates:  High strength Plastics
• Electrical terminals with wing nuts. 
• Quality gaskets for years of leak-free operation.
• Gas connections with Push In type, Swivel joint Elbow.

Price: US$ 25 (GBP16) - 8 pcs
Shipping: $19 (GBP12.5)

Pressure Gauge, Flow Meter, Bubbler Assembly

Pressure Gauge, Flow Meter, Bubbler Assembly 

Oxygen Regulator with Pressure Gauge, Flow Meter and Bubbler Assembly made from superior grade materials.


• Pressure Gauge: Measures upto 10Kg/cm2
• Flow Meter measures upto 10 LPM.
• Bubbler - Dia: 1.5", Height: 6"
• Valve to control the flow manually.
• Flow meter is calibrated for pure Oxygen.
• Gas connections with Push In type, Swivel joint Elbow.

Price: US$89 (GBP58)
Shipping: $30 (GBP19.5)