Who We Are

We are a cleantech startup company focused on developing Technology to use Hydrogen to reduce emissions from Diesel or Gasoline(Petrol) fuelled IC engine.

We are a team of Physicists, Engineers and Technicians. We use advanced techniques to produce a special type of Hydrogen economically which makes the combustion lean, green and clean.

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What We Do

We have a portfolio of products designed, developed and manufactured entirely by our team. Our goal is to replicate Stanley Meyer's water fuel cell technology and make it possible to run an engine entirely on water with limited energy supplied by vehicle's electrical system.

We are yet to achieve the success of Stanley Meyer, but several products designed by us have demonstrated the purpose and kept our motivation high to continue exploring further.

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Our Technology

Our technology has demonstrated that it is possible to achieve fuel efficiency upto 30% and reduction in emissions upto 50% only, many of our customers have registered much higher gains using our HHO generators or complete HHO kits.

Our solutions are backed by extensive warranty to give you peace of mind.

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We Want to Help You Become Environment-caring!

Our mission is

To develop innovative, economical and environmentally responsible solutions to make the Earth a better place for all to live a Healthy and Happy Life.


Our Products Cater To:


  • Scooters and Motorbikes
  • Cars, Buses and Trucks
  • Tractors and Earth Moving Equipments
  • Diesel Power Generator
  • Irrigation Pumps
  • Marine Boats
  • Power Generation Set

Our Products

HHO Wet Cell Kit

Hydroxy Generators
We have a wide range of Hydroxy Generator cells viz. Tube Cell, Dry Cell, Joe Cell with proprietary configuration which offers superior efficiency. Read More

Our understanding of physics of electro magnetics of water molecule, atomic hydrogen and atomic oxygen at sub-particle level help us design innovative electronics which help us make the process more efficient. 
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